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Three things every Health Therapist needs to know about TMJ pain

Three things every Health Therapist needs to know about TMJ pain

by Timothy King

Presentation Description

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) dysfunction is present in about 20% of the population with about 7% of patients seeking therapy. This is a huge number of people, yet most therapists feel a bit lost in diagnosing and treating this common condition.

TMD presentations can be complex including articular, muscular, centrally driven pain and psychosocial factors. '3 Things Every Health Therapist needs to know...' will empower you to effectively differentially diagnose patients that present with this condition so that you know exactly how to commence treatment AND what not to do.

This webinar is packed with research, hands-on demos and a clear and simple differential diagnosis. '3 Things Every Health therapist needs to know' will give you confidence and success with TMD presentations. 

About Timothy King

BHSc. BTh. Adv. Dip. App. Sci. Myotherapy, OMT, Member M.A. (Vic).

Timothy King is an innovative clinical Myotherapist from Australia with over 20 years of experience.

Tim has a special interest in the relationship between fascial and chronic pain research especially as it applies to cervico-genic headache and TMD. His FNFT (Functional Neuromyo-Fascial) soft tissue techniques are incredibly efficient and have enabled him to treat 100 patients a week for years.

Tim is passionate about helping manual therapists to be hands on, efficient and evidence based. Furthermore, the simplicity and efficiency of FNF techniques means they are also taught as adjunct therapy for dentists and other professionals who see TMD presentations.

Tim and his family live on the Bellarine in Victoria where Tim continues to work clinically and lecture internationally.

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Webinar details

28 Sep, 2021
Recording (Online streaming and download)
75 minutes
Myothreapy Association Osteopathy Australia
1.5 Point (MAA, OA)
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