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Roger O’Toole

Roger O’Toole

Roger O'Toole is a physiotherapist with over 18 years experience, including post graduate training in advanced physiology and chronic pain management. Since 2004, Roger has focused his interest in chronic pain into headache and migraine treatment and management. In 2013 Roger was among the first group of therapists to be a Watson Headache ®  Certified Practitioner. Having consulted for over 4000 hours with over 1000 clients, he is one of the most experienced Watson Headache® practitioners in Australia, and is currently collaborating with the University of South Australia.

By invitation, Roger has assisted Dean Watson on the Watson Headache ® Institute Level 1 foundation course, and in 2016 was invited to the Inaugural Headache Symposium in Sydney as a workshop presenter and platform speaker. In 2020 Roger was invited to present on the role of manual therapy in treating recurrent nausea and vomiting syndromes, at the international conference in Rome 'Turning Primary Headache Upside Down', which due to COVID-19 became an online event.

With opportunities to become involved in research Roger is extremely excited about the near future for headache and migraine sufferers. He continues to advocate for the role of manual therapy in primary headache and related disorders, actively seeking opportunities to engage with other health professionals to openly share knowledge.