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Privacy Policy

The Physical Pod website is operated by The Physical Pod Pty Ltd (ACN 625 408 531) (for
the rest of this document referred to as “us” or “we”). In the course of operating that website
and providing services to you we may collect some information from you. Our collection,
storage and use of information we obtain from you is governed by this privacy policy.

Information We Collect
As part of establishing an account with us we require some information to identify to us who
will be the holder of that account. Some of this information is “personal information” within
the meaning of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which means that it is information from which
your identity would be reasonably apparent. This information may include your name, your
address, and your email address.

We will only collect your personal information by asking you for it directly and recording
your answers. While some of our services may not be available if you decline to provide the
information, we will never collect your personal information without your consent.
How We Hold Information
All the personal information we hold is stored electronically with third-party storage
providers. Our third-party storage providers may store your information on hardware
physically located outside Australia. Information which you give us will be combined under
your account. Your information will be protected from third parties by the data protection
methods of the third-party storage provider. Access to the information in our user accounts is
limited to our staff working in an accounts related capacity, who are subject to duties to only
access that information for account maintenance purposes and to respond to requests and
complaints under this Privacy Policy.

What We Use Your Information For
We use your personal information to create your account with us and to contact you when
this is necessary, and on your request, we can use that information to help recover your
account if it becomes compromised. If we are put on notice that your account might be being
used by one or more other people, we reserve the right to compare your account information
with information from the use of your account. For example, if your account is accessed
from two different continents minutes apart we may use your information to contact you as
the owner of the account to notify you of this breach.

We will not share your information with third parties, sell your information, or use your
information, whether in combination with that provided by other users or otherwise, for
analytics purposes.

We may hold your information in storage located outside of Australia but will not provide
your information to any overseas recipients other than for storage by reputable storage


Our website uses “cookies”, which are small text files that our website may place on your
computer as a tool to remember your preferences. If you do not want to accept cookies from
our website then you should be able to disable cookies using the settings of your browser. If
you disable cookies then some parts of our website may no longer function as intended.

Accessing Your Information
You can access the personal information of yours we hold by accessing the “My Account”
page of the Physical Pod website. While you are on the My Account page you can correct or
update any of the information we hold for you by clicking on the adjacent update button. If
you encounter any difficulties accessing the My Account page or editing your information,
or if you would like us to delete your account and information, you can request that we do so
through the “Contact Us” page of the Physical Pod website.
Because we need to be able to identify who accounts belong to, asking us to delete your
personal information (not merely to update it) will result in us deleting your account. We will
always remind you of this and confirm that is your intention before we delete your account.
If you ask us to delete your account and confirm the request then we will delete your account
and not archive that information. This means that if you later decide to have an account with
us again you will need to make a new account and will not retain any accrued rights or
accessible content from the first account.

If you believe that our conduct breaches either the Australian Privacy Principles or this
Privacy Policy then we ask that you notify us through the Contact Us page of the Physical
Pod website. When we receive a complaint through the Contact Us page a customer service
staff member of ours will contact you (unless in your complaint you ask not to be contacted)
and will try to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction.
If you make a complaint to us about how we have handled your information and if we do not
respond either in a reasonable time or to your satisfaction, then you may have a right to make
the complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. The Office of the
Australian Information Commissioner is an independent government body which, among
other matters, handles formal complaints about alleged interferences with privacy.